Arts Council Funding for the R&D of MY UNCLE IS NOT PABLO ESCOBAR

We had a brilliant two weeks of R&D at Shoreditch Town Hall and Battersea Arts Centre spurred on by the excellent news that the project had been awarded Arts Council Funding. Over the two weeks I worked with two alumni of the Advocacy Academy, Elizabeth and Valentina and dramaturg, Lucy Wray to co-create a story of young Latinx women activists from South London who go undercover as cleaners at a multinational to unearth an international scandal.

We had 3 incredible Latinx actors in the room - Pia Laborde Noguez, Gael Le Cornec and Gabriella Garcia Rivero and were joined for the day by Zharinck, Cecilia and Krishmary - current advocates at the Advocacy Academy - who make up LatinXcluded, a campaigning group fighting for Latinx rights.

Further development to continue in early 2019.

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