Reviews are in for RUN at Vault Festival

Exeunt Magazine found Run to be "a quietly extraordinary piece of work… vital viewing"

"Ross-Williams is able to embody every aspect of Yonni’s character in a posture, nailing both his big-man-in-town swagger on the last day of secondary school and his nervous, lovestruck fidgeting when he first realizes just how much Adam means to him. He also shines by physicalizing his character’s barely suppressed frustration with his family, who are hanging together by a thread in the lead-up to Shabbat.

The staging of the piece, or lack thereof, also places the majority of the audience’s focus on Ross-Williams. With a completely barren stage save for some handfuls of sand scattered across it at certain points of the show, Ross-Williams never lets the audience’s attention wander away from him for a moment, with his impressive ability at physical theatre and dance complimenting his naturalistic character work as Yonni."

The Jewish News gave the play 5 stars, calling it a one act masterpiece. Run is "a feat of astounding brilliance, it is visceral, engaging and deeply emotional." *****

"Ross-Williams fully immerses himself in the space with a fluidity of movement, carrying the play with an undulating pace...Laughton is a superb writer and coupled with Ross-Williams disarming performance Run is a triumph, so much so it thoroughly deserves a wider audience"

Reviewer James Waygood gave us 5 stars, saying Run is "an astonishing achievement in new writing. (…) Powerful, dizzying, and astronomic, it’s a masterful tale of growing up, falling in love, and loss in a time of turmoil" *****

"Up and coming Tom Ross-Williams is an unstoppable force in Run, embodying a youthful and electric energy that ricochets around the auditorium. Ross-Williams has a spitting, tripping, and dexterous hold over Laughton’s language and delivers it in loquacious and liquid torrents. But what’s utterly fantastic about Ross-William’s performance is just effortlessly they tap into Yonni’s anxieties and emotions. You can almost taste any feeling Ross-Williams exudes, often to the point that you’re left figuratively winded by their performance. You exit the auditorium feeling you’re taking with you an intimate part of Yonni’s character, all down to witnessing Ross-William’s absolutely dazzling presence and ability."

The LGBTQ Arts Review said the writing is "intricately beautiful... phenomal piece of writing and performance". ****

"Tom Ross-Williams brings to role to life with an ernest and endearing portrayal of Yonni. I found myself wanting to be both his friend and ally as he faces the turbulent, exhilarating, exciting and nerve-wracking process of falling in love for the first time. Tom not only speaks the poetic language with a clear connection to Laughton’s vision for the piece, but brings his own physical skills to the stage. He physicalises elements of the story in such a way that the text and movement connect as one; we follow Yonni’s dance, and get caught by Tom’s mesmerising way of moving."

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