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By Tom Ross-Williams, Elizabeth Alvarado, Valentina Andrade & Lucy Wray

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Young Latinx women from South London stand on stage and dare you to call them invisible. My Uncle is Not Pablo Escobar follows a group of activists as they challenge injustice and fight for the representation they deserve.


My Uncle is Not Pablo Escobar is a formally innovative piece of theatre that weaves traditional playwriting with direct action and a live-art aesthetic. The show captures the urgency of an activist rally and the celebration of a festival, bringing together the creators’ experience as theatre-makers, campaigners and activists. For more information please visit:


The origins of this show lie in conversations between The Advocacy Academy alumni Valentina Andrade (19) and Elizabeth Alvarado (20) and Creative Director Tom about theatre as a potent tool to amplify their campaigns for Latinx rights in the UK. The Latinx community is the 8th largest demographic in London and currently gets little to no representation in the arts. To hear more about the impetus for the show, watch this short film:  



With support from the Arts Council England and the Aziz Foundation, we were able to undertake an initial research period at Battersea Arts Centre and Shoreditch Town Hall. This provided fuel to develop a work-in-progress sharing after a further R&D period as artists-in-residence at Theatre Deli. In summer 2021, we presented a rehearsed reading at Paines Plough's Roundabout in Brixton. Working with producer Daisy Hale, we are now gearing up for a full production to premiere in summer 2022 accompanied by a festival of activism on Latinx rights. Watch this short film of the highlights from our 2019 sharing:


For the 2021 team include:


Yanexi Enriquez Borges

Sarah Kameela Impy

Joana Nastari

Cecilia Alfonso-Eaton

Alice Vilanculo



Lucy Wray

Tom Ross-Williams

Producer: Daisy Hale

Assistant Producer: Anna Alvarez

Dramaturgy: Joana Nastari


Written by the company, based on the experiences & activism of Valentina Andrade & Elizabeth Alvarado


Thank you to:

Pia Laborde Noguez, Gael Le Cornec, Gabriela Garcia Rivero, Camila Segal, Milly Harding, Andrea Ortiz, LatinXcluded


Special thanks to our supporters:

Theatre Deli, Old Vic Connect, Battersea Arts Centre, Shoreditch Town Hall, S-H-E-D & The Advocacy Academy

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Photography by Toby Lloyd & Alisa Boanta
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