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by Tom Ross-Williams & Oonagh Murphy

Originally conceived on the Battersea Arts Centre’s Emerging Artist as Activist programme, the show then secured funding from the Arts Council and with support of director Oonagh Murphy, Man Up was made into a full-length solo show about crisis of masculinity.


Tom has never thrown a punch, can't hunt or gather, and is unlikely to procreate in the conventional way.


In the wake of the Isla Vista Shootings, Neknominations and Dapper Laughs, MAN UP wades through the cacophony of pressures on young men, defying stereotypes and stretching the very notion of masculinity. Part confessional, part observational and part spectacle, MAN UP charts one person's impossible journey to become the “ultimate male”.


Performances:  Battersea Arts Centre (Scratch), Theatre Royal Stratford East (full-length show)

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