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​ XXY Magazine

Feature on Tom Ross-Williams 

​ OutThere magazine

Tennessee Williams feature 

The Jewish Chronicle

"Young, Gifted and Making their mark"

" O N E  O F  T H E  U K ' S  M O S T  P R O M I S I N G  Y O U N G  A C T O R S "
  OutThere Magazine

 R U N -  Vaults Festival


"Tom Ross-Williams is superb in the role, never trying to smooth out the different sides of this unassuming, engaging teenager, but rather letting moods swing and interests shift. It's a performance that's comfortable with inconstancy - no mean feat - held together by a contagious energy. An hour in his presence is an enlivening thing, and he moves beautifully, punctuating the text with religious rituals set to rhythmic beats."

                                                                                                                                                    What's On Stage ****

“one superb performer, who manages to keep the audience absolutely engrossed throughout…Tom Ross-Williams who is fantastic as the young Yonni, despite being alone he seems to take up the whole stage…a performance that, like his characters adopted planetary personality,  really is out of this world.” 

                                                                                                                                                     Theatre Weekly *****

"Quite simply this is a young man to watch. There was no aspect of his entire monologue that felt like a performance... Tom’s delivery is spot on."   

                                                                                                                                                   LondonTheatre1 *****

"Tom Ross-Williams achieves this with a complex mix of intensity, subtlety and overt self-awareness that inhabits the skin of the 17-year-old North London gay Jewish teenager he energetically plays.

                                                                                                                                                                  Attitude ****


“…fresh, sharp and essential to British theatre…Ross-Williams is an energetic force on stage…It’s a hard task for any actor to hold the stamina to perform an hour long monologue of this calibre but Ross-Williams achieves this with such rigour he leaves the audience hooked, it is easy to see why he’s an up-and-coming star of the stage.”

   Theatre Full Stop **** 


“Tom Ross-Williams is able to enact each scene change with ease…He succeeds in conveying various things at once: he is funny, serious, realistic as a 17-year-old, both young and old, and his portrayal is deeply moving. The play is worth watching for his performance alone.”

The Upcoming****

 R U N -  The Bunker

"Ross-Williams never lets the audience’s attention wander away from him for a moment, with his impressive ability at physical theatre and dance complimenting his naturalistic character work as Yonni."

Exeunt Magazine

"Tom Ross-Williams brings to role to life with an earnest and endearing portrayal of Yonni... He physicalises elements of the story in such a way that the text and movement connect as one; we follow Yonni’s dance, and get caught by Tom’s mesmerising way of moving."

LGBTQ Arts  ****

Ross-Williams fully immerses himself in the space with a fluidity of movement, carrying the play with an undulating pace...Laughton is a superb writer and coupled with Ross-Williams disarming performance Run is a triumph.


 V I E U X  C A R R É  -  King's Head / West End Transfer

"Up and coming Tom Ross-Williams is an unstoppable force in Run, embodying a youthful and electric energy that ricochets around the auditorium. Ross-Williams has a spitting, tripping, and dexterous hold over Laughton’s language and delivers it in loquacious and liquid torrents. But what’s utterly fantastic about Ross-Williams' performance is just effortlessly they tap into Yonni’s anxieties and emotions. You can almost taste any feeling Ross-Williams exudes, often to the point that you’re left figuratively winded by their performance. You exit the auditorium feeling you’re taking with you an intimate part of Yonni’s character, all down to witnessing Ross-William’s absolutely dazzling presence and ability"


"At the centre is a lovely, sweet-natured performance from Tom Ross-Williams as the author's alter ego. He and everyone else involved do Williams proud."

The Times ****

The young writer, beautifully played by Tom Ross-Williams”

Independent Critic's Choice (Theatre Highlight of the Week) ****

"Tom Ross-Williams captivates in the role with his gentle stage presence and deliciously thick, stuttering St. Louis accent, his every line a moment of calm amid the chaos around him."

Entertainment Focus ****

"I was especially impressed by Tom Ross-Williams as the Writer who is trying to do the right thing, struggling with his sexuality and longing for approval from his late grandmother who raised him."


"The evening however belongs to Tom Ross-Williams and it his character that metamorphoses as he questions his lot in life and breaks free of his insecurities…Ross-Williams is someone I will keeping a watchful eye on, he even sang a bit, so fingers crossed that we get to see him in a musical."

Front Row Dress

 “He is a future star – a young man whose mobile features reflect every emotion showing us a man who cares about the people he is forced to spend his time with"

Ham & High *****

TH E  F O R E S T  &  T H E  F I E L D  -   (UK Tour)

"Tom Ross-Williams has so much to offer as a performer and adds plenty of beautiful movement pieces, monologues and singing to help bring body to poetic words."

Everything Theatre *****

"The Forest & the Field deploys a witty bibliography of ‘forest’ texts, which are given an often strikingly beautiful life by Ross-Williams. His Miranda in her brave new world pouts and slouches like a smack-woozy Kurt Cobain, his naked Caliban sliding down a stream of Bacofoil is full of primal wonder."​

Exeunt *****


N E G R I L  B E A C H  -  Bush Theatre

"The acting is sharp and emotionally charged from ‘posh-boy’ Tom Ross-Williams"

What's Peen Seen ****

T H R E E  S I S T E R S   -  Southwark Playhouse

"Tom Ross-Williams is enormously sympathetic as Kulygin"

Entertainment Focus

"A fine performance from Tom Ross-Williams"

The London Magazine


"It is Tom Ross-Williams' performance, restrained until it comes to cracking point, that makes the closest bridge between the two families."

British Theatre Guide 


"The cast also double up and out of a terrific cast Tom Ross-Williams was virtually unrecognisable from the bookish 1930s Morrie to the stunning but sexually awkward Noah."​


S H A L O M   B A B Y  - Theatre Royal Stratford East

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